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Dental Crown

A Dental Crown is a cap set on a harmed tooth to restore its usefulness and its appearance. At Chandraj Oral & Dentofacial Clinic results, we utilize both conventional ways and innovative advances in dental technologies to arrive at a decision about your need of getting a dental crown.
Porcelain fused to metal crowns gives a solid, strong and tasteful medication option. A Porcelain-combined to-metal crown (PFM) has two parts, one is a metal amalgam that is utilized to make the segment of the crown that fits specifically on the tooth and the porcelain structures the tooth-molded part of the crown that gives the crown a white tooth-like coloration. PFM dental crowns are a great decision for both front and back teeth. These crowns are solid enough to withstand substantial gnawing weights and in the meantime can have a great nonessential appearance.
The most delightful crown for a tooth is an all-fired crown. As the name proposes this crown is made totally of artistic so impersonates the translucency of characteristic teeth superbly. This is likewise ideal for patients who are hypersensitive to metals. At our center we utilize diverse sorts of pottery to make dental crown.